Allow me to reintroduce myself

Hey Guys, 

I tried the blogging thing , forgot about it and now I'm back. I wont be blogging every week so don't worry you don't have to read my long scripts as often as you thought. 

I will be blogging about an array of different things from tips for building a creative team, products I am using and good locations to shoot in London. 


This was a really short one but stay tuned

Afro Hair and beauty live 2017

For another year I got to take photos at Afro Hair and Beauty live 2017 and I can tell you I was not disappointed. Every year this event gets better, but this year I was amazed by the products, brands and competitions. 

This year was AHB Lives first instagram hairstylist competition and I tell you these hairstyles were going for gold.  We had Mulancreations , Beverleyfrimpong, Tabsthestylist, Chrisgrimley and Nyhairdesign.


Do not think only these competitors walked the runway, there were models strutting down the catwalk wearing some of the designers who exhibited at the event.

The runway did captivate the audiences attention, but there were also demonstrations, showcasing of products and selling going on on Sunday.

If you missed it this year make sure you do not miss it next year. Trust me you will not be disappointed. 



Building a creative team

I think its only right to talk about building a team, because stunning photos are not made without teams. 

When I started out I just knew I wanted to take photos.  I love the beauty and artistry found in a photo.  You've captured a moment in time that will never happen again.  Photos are a lot more than a click of a button there an art form,  a depiction of beauty.  Ok let me not get carried away, back to building a team. 

When I started I had so many ideas that I wanted to create through photography.  These involved amazing hair styles,  styling pieces and stunning make up, but I couldn't do make up,  hair nor could was styling my fortay.  This is where my team came in

Hairstylist - Jaz - Mulancreations

I've known this girl for longer than I can remember now and she is the hairstylist I will always go to. A photo is nothing without hair that makes you double take. Jaz does just that, she works hard to create hairstyles that are eye catching and bold. You will always be my first pick hairstylist. Check out her hairstyles on her instagram. 



Stylist - Symone K

My first photos where with my stylist and without her I may have never even taken a photo.  She styles shoots for me when she can and I take photos for her blog content when she needs. She combines current trends and statement peices to create outfit musts . I have never meet a woman with such a love for men's styling like Symone and not only does she love it, but she can style a man with her eyes closed. Check her out on Instagram if you don't believe me. 



Make up artist

The make up artists I work with vary depending on who is free, but the make up in a photo can make a statement. My advice is try and connect with as many as possible. A make up artist can create a different dimension to your photos, but they are very busy so connect with as many as possible. 





Models were the hardest thing to get but after awhile I found some and have build amazing relationships with some ( stay tuned for my post on finding models). Building good connections with models is essential, because without models your vision will not come to life (unless your doing street style photography, where the local population are your models. If that is the case ignore my entire post it is invalid to you lol ).  Here are some of the models I have worked with Shalishah, Imane , Sean and Kiren

Moral of the story is build a team, or learn it all (which is not as much fun trust me). You will never realize how vital a team is until you see what your photos look like verses what they could have looked like. Final note, be social, build a team and make sure you build more than one team (people are not always free lol ). 





A year of photography

Its finally been a year on my photography journey and what a journey it has been!! I have found a love in all photography but especially in the culture and the beauty of the human face (I do love a good portrait). 

So after a year what better way to take the next step than to create a new website and take my photography to the next level. So that is exactly what I've done, I have a new site and I plan to take my photography to the next level. As well as taking photos I will be writing about some of the experiences that I have behind the lens. Well this was a short one just to say wohooo my one year anniversay is here !!!!